Spreading Cloth Mahcine
Due to factors such as difficult recruitment, high labor costs, and complex fabrics, Dr. Bang's spreader has become a new choice for many garment companies. At the garment level, spreading and cutting play a crucial role, and Dr. Bang launched his own spreading and cutting machine in good time. Only standard pieces have the opportunity to sew garments that meet specifications. If the pieces are irregular, no matter how good the sewing machine is, no matter how good the sewing machine is, it will never be able to sew high-quality clothes, and the rag is the first process of making clothes. Its quality determines the quality of the entire production. It is the foundation and key that cannot be ignored.
Spreading form of spreading machine
1、Z-type layup, commonly known as (double-pull), the so-called Z-type layup is when the fabric is not cut, and the material is fed and laid during the back and forth process. Use the front and rear pressing cloth clamps to press the fabric to realize the round-trip laying and laying. The cloth that comes out is face to face, the effect is as shown in the figure:
Practical application: For example, in the garment manufacturing industry, the layout of trousers are laid in pairs, and its process requirements are in pairs. For example, shoes, insoles, quilts in the home textile industry, etc., are required to appear in pairs, Z-type Lamination just meets this process requirement. Of course, there are some industries that do not care about the front and back of the fabric, so in order to improve the laying efficiency, Z-type laying is adopted. 2、Cutting and laying, commonly known as (single pull), the so-called cutting and laying are that the cloth is not spread from the starting point to the ending point, and the cloth is spread from the ending point to the starting point. The folded fabric is face up. The effect is as shown in the figure:
Practical application: For example, most of the pieces of tops in the clothing industry are not symmetrical, so the laying process requires the use of cutting and laying, and the curtain process in the home textile industry also requires the same side to face up, and these processes must be used.
Graphical introduction of spreading machine
The main function of the automatic spreading machine
1. LCD touch device: easy to set the length, method, quantity, speed, and paragraph of spreading. 2. Spreading device: It can be adjusted effectively according to the width and tension of the cloth so that the cloth will not be wrinkled. 3. Cutter device: The cutter and the host can be easily disassembled and assembled. When the fabric is cut, the travel distance and cutting speed of the cutter can be set according to the width of the fabric. Cloth folder device: It can be used for double-pulling back-and-forth spreading. 4. Automatic fabric pre-loosening device: loosen the fabric first and then lay it, release the spreading tension and maintain the consistency of the spreading quality. 5. Electric eye automatic edge aligning device: correctly detect the edge of the cloth, and can correctly achieve automatic edge aligning during the spreading operation. 6. Cloth tail sensor device: when the cloth is finished, the control host automatically stops the movement, and automatically completes the zero return to the origin and the reset to the fixed point. 7. Automatic lifting device: set the lifting amount according to the thickness of the cloth, and match the height of the cloth. 8. Emergency stop device: There are steel cables for stopping on both sides of the cutting machine, and the steel cables can be pulled at any position of the cutting machine for an emergency stop at any time.
Spreader Features
1. PLC LCD touch screen, easy to operate, workers learn faster 2. Streamlined shape, low wind resistance, and low noise 3. Automatic deployment system 4. No cloth stop, automatically return to the origin 5. Tension-free cloth pulling operation 6. Standby state, automatic shutdown after five minutes 7. During an emergency stop, the already placed fabric will not be dragged 8. The quality of the cloth is consistent, the cloth is flat, and there is no air between the cloth layers 9. The electronic equipment is automatically aligned, neat and unified, and improves the utilization rate
Dr.Bang Spreading Cloth Machine Parameters






Fabric   width   





Fabric   height

Single pull:   220mm max        Double pull: 150mm max

Maximum roll   diameter


Cloth roll   weight

up to 50kg (can   be customized)



Spreading   speed

up to   86m/min



Machine   size   





Overall   weight   





Main accessories and origin


Accessory name





PLC main module,   486 communication board



Original imported


Encoder,   (cylindrical) photoelectric switch, 220V relay



Original imported


24V2P relay



Original imported


Touch screen, touch   screen signal line



Original imported





Original imported


Cutter unit rails,   black plate cover



Original imported


switching power   supply



Original imported


1203 drive stepper   motor, 1205 servo motor





stepper driver





Lifting motor

Micro and Micro




Side-to-side, cloth   bucket, cloth release, knife travel motor



Sino-German joint venture


1202 Drive variable   frequency motor





All steel and   stainless steel parts of the machine, frame, shell




Finished product display
The advantages of automatic spreader
1. Four sets of servo motors are used to follow the feeding to truly achieve tension-free spreading operation, which is the most perfect spreading equipment on the market today. 2. If there is no cloth, it will automatically stop at the position without cloth, and stop at the position without cloth, which greatly saves the time of receiving cloth. 3. The man-machine touch system has powerful functions, and each function is perfect. Every error can be accurately displayed as an alarm, and the automatic screen is turned off to enter the power-saving mode. 4. The wire ropes on both sides of the table surface can start and stop the equipment at will. After the emergency stop, the cloth has been put down and there will be no drag phenomenon. Pull the wire rope again to start the equipment. (Patent Protection) 5. Streamlined appearance, reduce wind resistance, reduce noise, reduce vibration. 6. Automatic spreading system (the left and right ends of the machine are equipped with an automatic cloth spreading function, which can effectively stretch the material and deal with the problem of edge curling). 7. The tension of the front and back sides can be adjusted separately when double-pulling the cloth, which fully guarantees the perfect spread of the fabric. 8. Self-adaptive cloth joining function: when there is no fabric in the spread, it can accurately memorize the position of no fabric. After the fabric is installed, the length of the cloth joining can be increased as needed to complete the perfect automatic cloth joining. (Patent Protection) 9. Due to the power control system, the tension of each section can be adjusted at will according to the requirements of different fabrics during the spreading process to achieve perfect spreading. 10. In the single-pulling process of spreading, according to different needs, pre-send the required fabric length at the beginning of the spreading, and pre-receive or pre-place the fabric at the cutting end to ensure the flatness of the fabric and the cutter to cut the fabric perfectly. 11. During the double-pulling process of spreading cloth, in order to ensure the perfect pressing of the cloth pressing device, the fabric pre-relaxation, and pre-retraction functions can be set at both ends of the pressing cloth to accurately maintain the tightness of the fabric. 12, 10 minutes standby automatic shutdown protection. 13. Ten kinds of fabrics are stored in memory, which can be recalled and applied at any time, which is convenient and practical. 14. The speed of the unwinding and non-bucket motors can be adjusted separately to complete the perfect operation of different fabrics. 15. The opposite side adopts a stepper motor, which is completed by pulse mode, eliminating the need for vulnerable relays, and the photoelectric distance between the opposite sides is shortened to 3mm to ensure that the opposite sides are more accurate. 16. Customers with high precision requirements can install sensors to ensure zero error.
Dr.BANG Services
CNC packaging cutting machine packaging details: 1. Outer packing: Standard sea export plywood box. 2. Inner packing: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture. Can meet special requirements Transportation: There are many options for transportation, but the default is the sea. If you have special requirements, please explain in advance. Price, according to your destination information, transaction method, and transportation method, we will provide you with a specific quotation.
After-sale service
1) The CNC packaging and cutting machine is guaranteed for one year free of charge (except for wearing parts), and the main components are inspected and maintained free of charge. 2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service 3) Wearable parts such as blades and bench covers are always available at cost when needed. 4) Free operation training in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send detailed training videos. 5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages. 6) On-site technical support is available when needed.
Why choose Dr.Bang CNC cutting machine
1. The quality is comparable to the most advanced quality of peers; 2. The price is so favorable that peers dare not take orders; 3. All products have passed the European CE certification; 4. All CNC cutting machine accessories are selected from industry-leading brands; 5. All technicians have to undergo several months of rigorous training before they can take up their posts; 6. After-sales service: provide 24-hour online solutions.