What does the digital cutting system include?

2022-09-15 09:05

The numerical control system is an important part of the cutting machine, which consists of a computer system, a servo system, a control unit and an actuator.

(1) The computer system consists of a computer host, a display and a keyboard.

(2) The servo system performs closed-loop control of the motor under the control of the computer to realize the stepless speed regulation of the motor. Because the steel plate cutting site conditions are poor and the cutting speed is not high, the servo system mostly adopts the AC servo system. The AC servo system has strong anti-interference ability, especially in the case of low speed, the advantages are more prominent.

(3) The control unit is the center that switches between the computer and the manual control, and performs logical processing of the manual control and the computer control signal, that is, the center that sends out the control signal, so as to realize the control of the computer, each motor and each solenoid valve.

(4) The actuator includes each motor and each solenoid valve, etc.