What is the basic principle of vibrating cutting machine?

2022-09-15 09:03

The basic principle of the vibrating knife cutting machine: the CNC cutting system automatically produces and processes the parts to be produced according to the pre-programmed production and processing program flow (OTOCAD commonly used drawing software). We put the production process route of the part, the main process parameters, the trajectory of the tool, the displacement, the main cutting parameters (spindle revolutions, feed, back-feeding, etc.) and its auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward rotation, reverse rotation, etc.) turn, cutting fluid on, off, etc.), compile a production and processing program flow sheet according to the instruction code and program flow format expressly specified by the CNC cutting system, and then record the information in this program flow sheet on the control medium (such as perforated paper tape). , magnetic tape, magnetic disk, magnetic bubble memory), and then input into the CNC equipment of the CNC machine tool, and then instruct the machine tool to process the parts