Application Case
CNC packaging cardboard cutting machine
CNC packaging cardboard cutting machine and automatic corrugated box maker can easily make advertising banners, POS displays, cardboard boxes, and custom packaging boxes without the use of molds!

Carpet cutting industry
Dr.Bang's self-developed automatic CNC carpet cutting machine can bring rapid development to the carpet industry and greatly improve work efficiency. With its sturdy structure and various combinations, Dr. Bang's digital cutting machine can directly cut car feet from roll Mats and floor rugs.

Gasket industry
Dr. Bang's specially developed CNC tools are ideal for manufacturing and machining gasket materials, providing suitable cutting and milling solutions for gasket cutting. Whether it is stability, wear resistance, or speed and precision, it is the best in the industry. It has brought rapid development to the gasket industry.

Apparel and textiles industry
Dr.Bang's automatic CNC digital cloth cutting machine (multi-layer CNC cutting machine) meets the needs of the textile industry market for multi-variety small batch production capacity and fast delivery. Dr.Bang's CNC digital cutting machine is not only efficient and durable but also the cutting speed and cutting accuracy are among the best in the industry. Multi-layer cutting is the advantage of Dr.Bang's CNC digital cutting machine, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the garment industry.

Composite material
Dr.Bang has an independent production and R&D studio in the field of synthetic material cutting. After years of hard work, he developed a CNC digital cutting machine for synthetic materials suitable for the market. It has its own unique cutting parameters for different materials, providing an independent solution for precision machining.

Dr.Bang's CNC digital cutting machine has a complete set of cutting tools for materials in the sign and graphics industry, such as paper, vinyl, KT board, corrugated cardboard, foam, PVC, acrylic, etc., with through cut, half cut, V-cut cut, engraving, creasing, marking, etc. These large-format Dr.Bang CNC digital cutting machines have high-precision CCD positioning functions, making material cutting faster, more stable, and more accurate, minimizing cutting costs, enhancing cutting efficiency, and helping customers maintain a high level in the competition.

Home textile cutting machine
Dr. Bang's CNC digital cutting machine launched a home textile cutting system in a timely manner to meet the market's demand for multi-variety small batch production capacity and fast delivery. Dr. Bang CNC CNC cutting machine is stable, wear-resistant, efficient, and high-precision. Dr.Bang can provide manufacturers of upholstered and leather furniture with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions to help maximize material utilization and minimize labor requirements.

Leather processing
Dr. Bang's CNC leather cutting machines provide the perfect solution for precision dimensional machining in the leather cutting industry. Dr.Bang's digital leather cutting machines eliminate expensive molds and reduce labor requirements, and use CCD technology to efficiently process the highest quality levels of leather, soles, linings, and pattern materials. Excellent cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee a fast return on investment.

Automotive interior
With the rapid development of the automobile industry, new energy vehicles have occupied half of the automobile industry. Dr. Bang's CNC cutting machine keeps pace with the times and has developed a cutting machine specially designed for the cutting of new energy vehicle parts, providing the perfect solution for the completion of every detail, every interior, and every mechanical part. Dr.Bang's cutting machines provide cutting solutions for leather or textile upholstery, and mechanical parts made of composite materials or foam. Its innovative software and hardware solutions give you complete control over your OEM or tiered supplier operations - with the flexibility to adapt quickly to change.