CNC advertising graphics cutting machine
Dr.Bang's automatic CNC advertising graphics cutting machine is a new cutting solution developed in time to meet the new requirements of the cardboard, digital printing, and signage industries. Dr.Bang's automatic CNC advertising graphics cutting machine has the following functions: - Fully automatic; - Automatic loading and receiving; - Precisely cut CCD camera recording system; - Drag cut, kiss cut, indentation, and drawing at one time; - Intelligent control and simple operation; - Accurate cutting size and fast cutting speed; - It can read QR codes for cutting.
Description of product advantages
Various tool combinations: You can switch to the most suitable tool for cutting according to the material being cut, improving accuracy and efficiency.
Vacuum adsorption platform: avoid displacement deviation when cutting soft and light materials, and can adsorb the material to the table without moving.
Touch screen panel: Color touch control panel, more intuitive operation interface, connect to the computer to directly accept data, set cutting depth and cutter head parameters, have a powerful database, support one-key retrieval.
One-piece adjustable aluminum box sealing platform: It can withstand a lot of pressure without deformation, and adjust the height of the table without deviation, which greatly improves the operation accuracy and prolongs the service life of the platform.
Precision rack guide rail: imported rack and guide rail, improve work efficiency and machine operation accuracy, avoid cutting errors, and prolong the overall service life of the machine.
Silent towline: scientific and strict wiring, precise alignment of each towline, keep the wiring safe, will not generate static electricity, will not bend the line, and prolong the life of the line.
Precision welding: Precision welding of the bed will significantly increase the load-bearing capacity, increase the self-weight of the bed, maintain the stability of the bed, and increase the precision and stability of cutting, especially for fast cutting.
Scientific wiring electrical control cabinet: The wiring is scientific and reasonable, and each line has a corresponding mark, which is convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of the machine. All electrical components meet the standards of Schneider and top brands.
Milling machine bed: The precision and stability of the machine bed flattened by the milling machine will be greatly improved, which will greatly help the cutting accuracy, reduce errors, improve work efficiency, and prolong machine life.
Advantages of Dr.Bang's CNC Cutting Machine
1. Flexible cutting: Just send the processing data (PLT, DXF, AI format) to the cutting system, and the graphics can be modified arbitrarily. 2. Material saving: The automatic typesetting software does not need manual typesetting, and automatically fills the material graphics, saving 20% of material costs. 3. Meet different material cutting: It can be cut according to different widths and thicknesses of materials, and the cutting accuracy can reach ±0.1mm. 4. Environmentally friendly cutting method: Dr. Bang cutting machine adopts high-frequency oscillating knife cutting technology. Not suitable for heat source cutting, there is no smoke and dust on the processing site, and the cutting speed is 3-4 times that of the laser. Greener processing. 5. There are many types of knives: customers can configure different processing knives according to the processing materials - round knives, air knives, punch knives, vibrating knives, scribers, pressure rollers, and other cutter heads, which can be flexibly configured to cut all flexible materials. 6. Improve cutting efficiency and prolong service life: Dr. Bang's cutting machine has a stable body, which can meet the requirements of high-speed cutting, up to 2000mm/s; the body milling machine can improve the cutting accuracy after milling, reduce the friction of precision parts, and improve efficiency at the same time Extend the overall life of the machine.
Parameter of CNC advertising graphics cutting machine



Effective working area


Multi-function cutting head

The combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, Oscillating   knife cutting tool, drag knife cutting tool, V cut,   crease wheel,   cut-through-knife, marking pen and CCD camera

Moving speed


Repeat precIsion



Enternet port

Control panel

LCD touch screen

Drive system

Imported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw

Cutting material

PVC board, PP   board and white card paper, cardboards, paper, PVC, film, sticker, etc.

The maximum   cutting depth is up to 20mm, depending on material density.

Instruction system

HP- GL Compatible format

Vacuum pump

2. 2KW



Cutting thickness

(According to different material)

File form


Cutting application industry
Dr.Bang's advertising graphics CNC cutting machine flatbed cutting plotter is widely used in the advertising packaging industry to help realize design concepts, including paper, cardboard, self-adhesive, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, gray cardboard, KT board, POP paper, etc. For a wide range of material cutting applications, flatbed vinyl cutting plotters are powerful enough to deliver increasing value. Not only cutting, but also kiss cutting, half cutting, oblique cutting, creasing, drag cutting and other functions can be realized, so as to realize the economic development of the enterprise.
Dr.BANG Services
CNC packaging cutting machine packaging details: 1. Outer packing: Standard sea export plywood box. 2. Inner packing: stretchable film and plastic film to prevent moisture. Can meet special requirements Transportation: There are many options for transportation, but the default is the sea. If you have special requirements, please explain in advance. Price, according to your destination information, transaction method, and transportation method, we will provide you with a specific quotation.
After-sale service
1) The CNC packaging and cutting machine is guaranteed for one year free of charge (except for wearing parts), and the main components are inspected and maintained free of charge. 2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service 3) Wearable parts such as blades and bench covers are always available at cost when needed. 4) Free operation training in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send detailed training videos. 5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages. 6) On-site technical support is available when needed.
Why choose Dr.Bang CNC cutting machine
1. The quality is comparable to the most advanced quality of peers; 2. The price is so favorable that peers dare not take orders; 3. All products have passed the European CE certification; 4. All CNC cutting machine accessories are selected from industry-leading brands; 5. All technicians have to undergo several months of rigorous training before they can take up their posts; 6. After-sales service: provide 24-hour online solutions.